10 Important Things To Keep In Mind In Dating A Millionaire

Dating A Millionaire1. Make sure that before you say "yes" to date a millionaire you are genuinely attracted to that person through your initial communications whether through text messages, emails, calls or exchange of photos. If you are just dating the person for money, it's not going to work and you will never be happy. You are just being unfair to yourself and the other person. Sooner or later your motive becomes transparent to the other person. Trust is then lost. Your integrity will be questioned. You don't want that to happen.

2. Mind your manners. Being with a millionaire means you have to know how to say the right words at the right time, know how to act in social settings and most importantly know how to dress appropriately. * SAY THE RIGHT WORDS - Don't forget your "PLEASE" and "THANK YOU" - Give him/her genuine compliments – Speak clearly and modulate the tone of your voice to show confidence but never yell * HOW TO ACT IN SOCIAL SETTINGS – Review "TABLE MANNERS" (if you are not confident of your table manners, it is very important that you read some books or articles on table manners including table setting) – Know when to start a conversation and when it is preferable to just listen and be attentive. – Be polite in your actions and words. – Act and speak with decency. * DRESS APPROPRIATELY – Ask your date where and when you meet to be sure you are appropriately dressed. – Dress with simplicity and class. – Avoid clothes that shows more than 30% skin. – FOR WOMEN: Don't show any cleavage especially on your first date. Sure you want to catch his attention but you don't want to get wrong impression. – Dress in classy colors (most millionaire's appreciate conservative colors like white, black, gray, or earth colors).

3. Be smart. Try to engage in an intellectual conversation with your date. Millionaires want to have a smart partner that they can count on for advice in times of need. They want a partner whom they can depend and trust in giving them support especially when they need to make important decisions.

4. Be updated with current events. If you are not the type who checks on the news daily, you need to start doing it if you want to have a successful relationship with a millionaire. Better start getting interested on current events before starting to date a millionaire if you want to catch up with your date.

5. Learn and get interested in Arts. Know the famous painters and their works. Know about the most interesting artworks. Millionaires are often into collecting the works of famous and great artists.

6. Learn more about gourmet food. Learn about the interesting cuisines in the world. Most millionaires are business people. They often entertain business partners. If you have knowledge on gourmet food or excellent places to dine, you will be helpful to them and will surely be appreciated.

7. Educate yourself about wines. Having knowledge on quality wines and liquor is a plus. Again, millionaires often entertain business partners. They want suggestions from people they know. You will be a good catch for your millionaire date if you are pretty knowledgeable on food and wine.

8. Be interesting by knowing great places to travel. Know about the history of famous tourist destinations in the world. Know about its culture, people, food and the exciting places to see in such locations. Millionaires travel a lot either for business or pleasure. Having sufficient knowledge on places most frequently traveled will surely impress your date. You can educate him/her as well.

9. Be truly interested on your date. You may have great looks, excellent knowledge on things that catches a millionaires interest but if you are not sincerely interested he/she will know it. Show your date that you want to know him/her more. Ask questions that allows the person to talk about himself/herself. Listen attentively when he/she speaks. Ask follow up questions. It shows that you are interested.

10. Don't bring up any financial issues. Don't ask your date about his/her earnings nor his/her possessions. You will look like a gold digger if you do so. You will seem to be more interested on what your date has to offer rather than knowing the person and knowing if you are compatible with each other.