Why Apple Removes all Sugar Daddy Dating Apps

In 2006, the world's most popular sugar daddy dating website Seeking Arrangement was launched in the United States by a Chinese American businessman Brandon Wade. Due to its popularity, Seeking Arrangement was launched in China in 2015. Three years later, according to app store's analytics, Seeking Arrangement app was the most downloaded social networking app on IOS devices in China.

Apple Bans Sugar Daddy Apps

What happened?

Because China runs a country in a way we run a company in the West, Seeking Arrangement has to be removed from China when its download volume is bigger than WeChat's (WeChat is China's No. 1 social networking app). It's just like when China removed someone with the biggest following in the country in the late 90s, as that following would probably grow bigger than the political party in the government. China has different rules in almost every area, e.g. movies and TV programs don't have a rating system in China, so Titanic is a 2.5-hour movie rather than a 3-hour movie in China & Lust Caution has a completely different ending in Chinese cinemas. You can't see Friends, Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City in China because the authorities can't delete 50% of each TV episode and release the pointless show. All books, magazines and CDs (songs' lyrics) must be carefully checked before being released in China.

Are there any other reasons for Seeking Arrangement to leave China?

Yes, there is another important reason. Many things are absolutely illegal in China because that's the only way to manage a big country with the biggest population in the world. For instance, consequences are huge if someone is involved in drugs or rape. Prostitution is also illegal in China, although many people are doing it anyway. However, Seeking Arrangement is not promoting prostitution. In fact, Seeking Arrangement has a team that blocks prostitutes and scammers on the site. Therefore, Shanghai is investigating Seeking Arrangement at the moment. At the end of May 2018, Seeking Arrangement app was still available on Apple in China (Apple is considering removing this sugar daddy dating app), but it was blocked on WeChat.

How about the situation in the United States?

Due to the news regarding Seeking Arrangement's Apple app in China, Apple has to react in its US market. Therefore, Apple is removing all sugar daddy dating apps in the United States by sending a message to all sugar daddy apps' developers. Apart from that, Donald Trump has just signed a set of bills regarding forbidding sex trafficking online and websites which promote prostitution, i.e. the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) & the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA). Hence, Reddit has deleted subreddits about sugar daddies, and Craigslist has shut down its Personals section, even though Personals section is not about looking for a sugar daddy (Craigslist doesn't want to monitor this section anymore - they just couldn't be bothered because FOSTA-SESTA bills claim that any sites which facilitate prostitution will be penalized).

What's the future of sugar daddy dating?

Actually, Brandon Wade, the founder of Seeking Arrangement, is Chinese. His mother told him that as long as he is rich and successful, women will want him. That is the traditional Chinese value and the fact that Seeking Arrangement has so many users in China means this app shares the same value system with Chinese people. Therefore, the idea of dating a sugar daddy will definitely continue to thrive in China even without Seeking Arrangement app. As to western countries, Seeking Arrangement's position in the US is uncertain because it actually blocks prostitutes on its website. Therefore, it is just a gray area. Also, the Internet is liked by everybody due to its freedom of speech. If all sugar daddy dating sites are banned, where is human right? If Seeking Arrangement is banned, why does the authorities allow movies such as Pretty Woman and Breakfast at Tiffany's? - These movies were the most popular movies in the 20th century & Julia Roberts and Audrey Hepburn have been considered as the best actresses in Hollywood.

What else?

Although Donald Trump has signed FOSTA-SESTA bills, these bills don't apply to other western countries such as the UK, Australia and Canada. Thus sugar daddy dating is still okay in other western countries. And Android's Google PlayStore still has sugar daddy dating apps.