How not to Become the Next Cody Wilson on Sugar Daddy Sites

Cody Wilson, a guy from Texas who is well-known for his legal fight over 3D-printed guns, slept with a girl under 17 & he met her on; therefore, he is in big trouble now. As a rich man on sugar daddy dating sites, how can you avoid becoming the next Cody Wilson?

Cody Wilson

  • Protect your own privacy and find out more about her. Don't tell a sugar baby who you really are too early. At the initial stage, you should assess who she is and then you can re-calibrate based on the changing dynamics. First of all, you must find out her real age, so you can say 'I like younger women' during the conversation. Now in order to impress you, this sugar baby will try to appear younger; therefore, she may tell you she is actually under 18. And that's how you find out the truth. It is said that even the founder of the world's most famous sugar daddy website was arrested due to having sex with underage girls whom he met on his own website, although he has removed that information on his Wikipedia page now. But of course, once you've built trust with a sugar baby, you can start the arrangement with her. Then you may choose to share some more information about yourself with her, but it depends on whether you want a deep connection with this woman or not. Usually, you shouldn't tell her your middle name & she doesn't need to know the name of your company as well as your home address.
  • Sleeping with a sugar baby on the first date is actually a bad idea. Many sugar daddies are too eager to have sex with sugar babies, so they want to sleep with sugar babies on the first date. However, that's a bad move because you don't know who you are dealing with yet. Some women may claim that they are raped simply because they want a lot of money from rich men (e.g. Bill Clinton was in that situation for multiple times - apparently, many of his 'victims' are just money-hungry women who wanted to make a fortune from their sexual relationships with Bill Clinton). Some women claim that they are raped simply because they have mental problems that they can't solve. That's why you must know a sugar baby very well before sleeping with her.
  • Go to sugar daddies' parties instead of joining a sugar daddy dating site. If you are a high-profile man, you would be well-advised to go to sugar daddies' parties rather than join a sugar daddy dating website. That's because the elite parties run by sugar daddy dating sites only invite high-quality sugar babies and famous men. In this way, these parties have already filtered women for you. By contrast, if you are a famous guy on a sugar daddy website, you don't know who you are interacting with online; hence, you can't guarantee the quality of women you meet on the Internet.
  • Meet sugar babies via freestyle. Another way to avoid becoming the next Cody Wilson is to meet sugar babies via freestyle. In other words, you meet beautiful women in real life and convert them into your sugar babies. For instance, maybe you like an employee in your company, you can test her and see how she reacts. If she is obviously interested in you, you can suggest an arrangement and see what she says. Don't worry too much about 'workplace sexual harassment' that you see in the mainstream media because that's what they want to tell you in order to control you. In fact, many women are secretly dreaming of dating their bosses every day because power and money are the ultimate aphrodisiacs. Thus, what you should do is to test a potential sugar baby and re-calibrate based on what you see.

With these techniques, you will be able to protect yourself and certainly won't become another Cody Wilson in the spotlight.