How to Juggle Several Sugar Daddies at a Time

In the sea of sugar daddy websites, it can be hard to stay truthful to just one. If you love having a double-dip, you've probably dipped your toes into a multiple SD situation.

But, make sure you do it right and get the most out of it.

Whether you already have a sugar daddy with another on hold or several, you should consider these tips while browsing through sugar daddy websites looking for the next one.

Juggle Several Sugar Daddies

Tell them what you're up to

Maybe one of them wants to be exclusive. Just like any other relationship, the sweet one deserves honesty.

Doing so, you'll save yourself from pondering on moral questions and feeling like a cheater every time you go on a date with another sugar daddy.

And who knows, maybe one of them will up his game by giving you more than you asked for, to keep you just for himself.

Don't give away too much

Remember that even if your daddies agree to this arrangement, they can still be jealous. So limit the amount of information you give away.

If you still decide to keep it a secret:

Invest to win

It's safest that you keep separate phones for each of the Daddies. It can be expensive having more than two phones, but you don't want one of them to call you in the middle of a fancy dinner with another.

A ringing phone can raise suspicion, and you'll have to be pretty good at keeping cool when current daddy starts asking questions.

Manage your time

Constantly making a web of lies can be stressful, but there's hope.

Manage your time smartly, and you'll have zero problems maintaining multiple sugar relationships. Once you realize the full potential of a good organization and get a grip on it, you may even consider getting back to one of the sugar daddy websites and make your dreams come true with some more sugar.

For example:

Daddy #1 sees you twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Daddy #2 has your attention on Fridays.

Daddy #3 lives far and visits you twice a month, etc.

You get the idea.

Just make sure that there are no surprises in your schedule like unexpected visits. Establish the rules right in the beginning, and everything will go smoothly. And keep out of the clingy ones. They are hard to shake off.

Another tip:

If Daddy #1 is married, it doesn't make sense to plan to see him on weekends. It's easier to sneak out during the work week.

If Daddy #2 likes to go out, his time should be on weekends.

The point is, you know your sugar daddies best. Make a plan that makes sense to you and is doable. Stick to it, and you shouldn't have any problems.

Protection is crucial

Having multiple sugar daddies does have its perks, but STDs don't. You never know who your sugar daddy is spending time with when he's not with you. You don't want this sweet life to backfire to you.

Be respectful to all of them

Remember that for all the sugar he is giving you, he can at least expect you to be committed while you are with him. After all, he is in the Sugar Bowl because he wants his fantasies fulfilled.

Try not to be distracted by thinking about anyone else but him. He'll probably notice if you become distant and bored. It's a certain way of losing one of your sugar daddies.

Make him believe that he is the only one. Show him that you are worthy of his time and attention.