Sugar Daddy Dating: Is such "Compensated Dating" the Same as Prostitution

Sugar Baby Compensated DatingSome people maintain that sugar daddy and sugar baby dating is just another form of prostitution.

It is said that older, wealthy men (aka Sugar Daddies) are "buying" sexual encounters from younger women (aka Sugar Babies) by, amongst other things, paying their tuition fees; or paying their monthly rent; or taking them on international pleasure trips; or generally paying for them to enjoy the finer things in life.

However, there are considerable differencesin the relationship between a sugar daddy and his sugar baby, often called compensated dating, and that between a typical client and a prostitute where the sex act(s) is usually paid for in cash.

Some key differences can be summarised as follows:

A sugar daddy is usually looking for a relationship

Typically, a sugar daddy will look for his sugar baby intending to form a medium or long term relationship. He might assess not only her beauty but her educational background and suitability for appearing with him in social circles, or being by his side for business and or personal travel.

In short, the sugar daddy is looking for a quality relationship in which both parties respect and care for each other.

On the other hand, a prostitute may choose her clients based on little more than his ability to pay for her services; or, indeed, the prostitute may have no choice in the clients she sleeps with. Her goal will be to service as many clients as possible each day, with no intention to start a long-term relationship in the process.

A sugar baby and sugar daddy may fall in love

Even though a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship may start out as an arrangement for the benefit of both parties, as their time together increases and the more the two parties carry on a normal dating relationship, many sugar relationships blossom into something more - and the Sugar Daddy and his Sugar Baby grow to truly care about each other.

On the other hand,when a prostitute meets up with her client, there is some physical interaction and the exchange of funds, and then the two go their own ways. It's unlikelythey will meet again and even if they do romance is not something anticipated - in fact, it is not something that either party wants anyway.

Being sugar daddies and sugar babies is a lifestyle choice

A sugar baby makes a lifestyle choice to date wealthy men who can provide her with the things she wants. She may determine her wants and desires from a relationship with her sugar daddy and not to enter into a relationship until she finds exactly what she is looking for; similarly, a sugar daddy will carefully select his sugar baby.

For prostitutes, the transaction she is about to undertake has nothing to do with chosen lifestyle, and more to do with her profession or job. There is never,usually, any serious consideration about with whom she chooses to complete transactions and anyone who is looking for her services can be seen as a potential client.

So all things considered, it is fair to say that sugar daddy dating is not the same as prostitution no matter how certain people seem to want to present it. In any event, economic forces will also win through when someone such as a Sugar Baby is in demand, and another party (Sugar Daddy) is prepared to pay for her!