How to Get a Sugar Daddy via Freestyle

There are two ways to find a sugar daddy: A. You look for a sugar daddy on a sugar daddy dating website. B. You meet a sugar daddy via freestyle, i.e. in real life. Actually, a smart sugar baby can do both - she knows how to use a sugar daddy dating site to generate automatic opportunities to meet a large number of sugar daddies, and she also knows how to leverage her existing resources to work for her. Joining a sugar daddy dating website is easy, but do you know how to get a sugar daddy via freestyle?

Get a Sugar Daddy

  • You need to have access to powerful men first. Honestly, if you have no access to powerful men, you have zero chance to get a sugar daddy. Meeting powerful men is the prerequisite of finding a sugar daddy. Therefore, it's time to ask yourself, “How many powerful men do I meet each week?” If your answer is somewhere between 0 and 1, you have to rethink your lifestyle now. Perhaps you should join some networking organizations which can introduce rich men to you. Another good idea is to attend up-scale parties that wealthy men frequent. If you are not aware of any up-scale parties, you can look for wine-tasting events in your local area because rich men certainly enjoy good wine!
  • The context is God. Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “Content is king, but context is God.” Although he was talking about business and entrepreneurship, this theory actually applies to dating and relationships as well. The right context is paramount - you have to meet powerful men in situations where he is in the mood for flirting with women. As a result, attending a business conference is less effective than attending a dinner party because men expect to meet women in a romantic way at a dinner party, not at a business conference. But we have to admit that a real ladies' man can also meet women at a business conference, yet how many men are as charismatic as Bill Clinton? Not that many, right? So you'd better focus on the right context.
  • You need to convert successful men to the idea of becoming sugar daddies. Many women feel intimidated by successful men, but sugar babies are bold and smart. As a matter of fact, you can convert powerful men to the idea of arrangement. Here is how to do it: Because most rich men are not really single (they never lack women), you'll need to let the potential sugar daddy know that you are happy to be with him no matter he is single or not. You can communicate this idea by flirting with him in a very relaxed way. If he tells you that he is not single, you don't change your behavior and keep flirting with him, then he will get it. Later on, you can try to charm him out of his reality with your attractiveness and sexiness. If he responds well, you know it's on.
  • Establish an arrangement with a sugar daddy via freestyle. If he wants to see you, you can say this to him in a charming way, “You are an open-minded and switched-on man, so you should be happy to start an arrangement with me.” When he hears this, he probably has to be open-minded and switched-on, even if he is not. Consequently, he should be very happy to begin an arrangement with you. Remember: normal men can't resist temptation. That's human nature. Because a lot of millionaire men never had an arrangement before (most women are only aware of traditional dating), they will find you fascinating!