4 Things You Shouldn't Lie About in a Sugar Daddy Relationship

Sugar Daddy RelationshipLooking for a sugar daddy? Well, a sugar daddy can change your life for better and meeting one is not as hard as many other things. There are plenty of special websites that can help you meet your dream sugar daddy who will take great care of you and make your life easier. However, there's one thing you must always keep in mind: do not lie to him about the 4 things discussed here.

  • Age: As per a survey done by a reputable dating platform, many wannabe sugar babies lie about their ages and put on their older pictures to make better impressions on sugar daddies. This is not good, and would not get you anywhere in your sugar daddy relationship. The moment you take your online relationship to the next level, your sugar daddy will see the truth for what it is and most probably will terminate the relationship right there and then. So post your best latest picture in your profile on a sugar daddy site and not a picture that is many years old.
  • Relationship Status: Your relationship status is of least importance to a sugar daddy, but he will not be happy if you lie about it. All that a sugar daddy expects from you is good companionship and sex, if agreed upon. However, your sugar daddy will expect you to maintain a certain level of secrecy in your relationship with him.
  • Sex: Sex is a part of any mature relationship, including most sugar daddy relationships. If you want a platonic relationship or don't enjoy sex much, you should tell so in so many words to a sugar daddy interested in you. If you've reservations about certain things related to sex, it is best you discuss them openly with your sugar daddy before you take the relationship to the next level.
  • Time: Your sugar daddy will expect you to drop everything you are doing and come to him whenever he needs your company. If you are very busy in your personal life or if you are in a relationship with another sugar daddy (however, the latter is something you should never discuss), you must decide beforehand whether you have the time for the new relationship or not. Your sugar daddy is paying you for your company, so you must make yourself available whenever he needs you.

Keep the aforementioned 4 tips to enjoy a fun-filled, long-lasting, and profitable relationship with a sugar daddy of your dream.