4 Tips on Being a Good Sugar Daddy

Sugar DaddyThere are good sugar daddies (around whom young women love to hang) and bad sugar daddies (who usually attract only worse of the lot). Which one are you?

You might have got loads of money and you might know how to pamper your sugar babies, but these two alone might not prove enough to keep a young, sexy woman by your side. Classy girls looking for a sugar daddy also wants to be treated the right way.

Read on what it takes to be a good sugar daddy and to keep your sugar baby tucked into your arms for as long as you want:

Say no to wannabe sugar babies interested only in your money. There are some girls on sugar daddy sites who are after only one thing—your money. They are not bothered at all about what you want in this relationship, things you like, and being discreet.

Identifying such a vamp is not difficult at all, for more often than not she reveals her true color herself by making money thing the centre of her discussions with you. When a girl does that, take the hint and say goodbye and leave fast.

Spell out what you want. Ok, you've found a sexy, sophisticated girl, and she's everything you wanted your sugar baby to be, but the relationship is not likely to work if the communication between the two is weak.

And when it comes to laying down the agreement and rules of the relationship, the onus lies with you. Start by listing the things you want from the relationship. Remember, she can make you happy only if she knows what you want from her.

Meet her needs. Your girl is giving you everything you wanted, but are you too? Never forget that a sugar relationship is mutual agreement between two adults, wherein the sugar daddy provides financial support to the sugar baby in return for companionship and intimacy. Ensure you keep your end of the bargain and provide her with the money and gifts that you'd promised.

Forgive a few mistakes. You are mature, but your baby is young and might show signs of immaturity every now and then. You must learn to forgive her small mistakes and not berate, ridicule, or chide her. Of course, even after repeated cautious she doesn't mend her ways, you could convey your disapproval, but only when alone and without losing your temper.

So, there you've it, the secrets to being a good sugar daddy. Practice them and you will have the best sugar girl, much to envy of others, less smart to sugar daddies, next to you.