How I Avoid Falling in Love With My Sugar Daddy

A sugar baby's emotional journal

Sugar Baby JournalIn order to fully understand how a successful sugar baby manages her emotions and feelings, we have invited our friend Lucy (a very successful sugar baby from San Francisco) to share her tips with us. Lucy says her No. 1 tip is to use an emotional journal, i.e. A notebook in which she records her emotions and feelings regularly, so that she can make sure that her needs are met and her emotions are managed well.

This is the journal entry that Lucy has shared with us:

Friday 23rd September, 2016 - my emotional journal

My sugar daddy David and I have been seeing each other since January this year. I chose David as my sugar daddy because he is one of the most successful businessmen in San Francisco and he is incredibly generous at the same time. Also, I like him physically, so starting this sugar daddy dating relationship with David was nice and easy. The reason David chose me as his sugar baby was because I am twenty years younger than him and I am very good-looking and intelligent.

Have my needs been met?

My needs are:

1) Receiving $7000 per month from David as allowance, so that I can save for my future, pay my tuition fees at university and buy beautiful clothes and accessories. - Yes, David has paid me this month (In fact, he pays me on 1st of each month).

2) Receiving David's support in terms of my career. - Yes, David has introduced his friends Henry and Joe to me. Henry is a successful business coach and Joe is a well-known broker, so Henry will help me establish my own business and Joe will help me invest my money correctly.

3) Going to fancy restaurants to eat whatever I like. - Yes, David has taken me to four different expensive restaurants this week. Amazing food and drinks!

4) Going to the spa regularly to improve my well-being. - Yes, David takes me to the spa for a full-body massage each week, and this week he took me to the spa on Tuesday night. Perfect.

Am I emotionally healthy?

1) I am not David's girlfriend or wife, so I don't ask for his commitment or constant attention.

2) I like David's body, wealth and personality, but I am not in love with him - I am not planning on marrying him because I don't want to be a widow in my 50s.

3) In the long term, I am looking for a boyfriend who can start a long-term relationship with me and marry me, so that I can have a healthy family life and a successful business in the future.

An emotional journal is a useful tool recommended by many sugar dating experts; therefore, as a sugar baby, you would be well-advised to utilize this tool effectively.