Top 4 Secrets to Find a Rich Man on Sugar Daddy Websites

Rich Sugar DaddyYou've come to this page for a reason - you're looking for a man who'll spoil and adore you for the lovely woman that you are. A man that has a wallet that'll make anyone envious and a hand that likes to give freely. The good news is - you can have that life.

You can enjoy every single day free of financial stress, without the worry of student loans, unpaid bills, old worn out clothes, and staying in the same city you grew up in for the rest of your life... and here's how.

1. Persistence

Just like any other kind of online dating, hunting for a wealthy guy on sugar daddy websites can, at times, be pretty tedious. You'll probably have to kiss a bunch of frogs before you find your Prince Charming but don't be despondent. The key to finding the guy that'll make all of your dreams come true, is persistence. Keep looking, keep chatting, and keep meeting men. Nothing worth having ever rocked up overnight, so you too should definitely have some patience and an open mind.

2. Pick The Place

On your first meeting, you should be picking the place. There is nothing worse than joining one or several sugar daddy websites and then having your time wasted with men who really aren't that rich. Choose an over-the-top, swanky rooftop bar or restaurant with prices that'll make anyone's jaw drop and see how the night plays out.

3. Play The Role

The guy you're so passionately waiting for is undoubtedly filthy rich but as of yet, has not had much success in finding a girlfriend, wife, or sugar baby. Use that fact to your advantage. Spend time dating around and don't limit yourself to one guy. Let several men spoil you to fancy dinners, and wonderful getaways. Being busy also lets him know that you're wanted and keeps him interested and intrigued.

4. Sway The Relationship To Your Advantage

The art of manipulation is a useful tool to have on standby. Tell your date that you'd like to get your hair done along with a mani/pedi and you'd love a new dress in order to look good for him. When he asks you out to an elaborate date, send him a picture of the shoes that you're dying to show off and let him act accordingly.

Admittedly, sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships can be tough at first but once you've got the hang of it, it'll be like second nature to you. If you love the smell of a fresh credit card, and the way that it glides so effortlessly through a cash register after buying something way too expensive, then they key is persistence and patience. At the end of the day, you'll be the one living the high life in fabulous places wearing fabulous outfits and you'll be thankful you waited for him.