How to Avoid STDs in Sugar Daddy Relationships

Sex of Sugar DaddyApparently, sex is not a taboo topic in this day and age and we should definitely talk about sex in sugar daddy relationships. More importantly, we should talk about how to avoid STDs in sugar relationships because your health and wellbeing are just as important as sugar!

Use a condom if you can. Condoms are not 100% effective in terms of preventing pregnancy and STDs, but not using condoms is way too risky. So far, condoms are the best method that we can find in this regard. However, according to a recent survey, compared with other non-marital sexual relationships, condoms are much less likely to be used in sugar daddy relationships, because sugar relationships involve a large amount of financial assistance. In other words, sugar daddies tend to think since they have invested in sugar babies financially, they have a right not to use condoms anymore, because they don't think condoms are comfortable to use.

As a matter of fact, using a condom can upgrade your love/sex life in most cases. Here is why: the condom makes the penis less sensitive; as a result, normally, the erection can last longer because it is stimulated slowly. Meanwhile, we all know that women reach the orgasm much more slowly than men, so using a condom automatically makes the intercourse duration longer, thereby satisfying the sugar baby more effectively. Now you can see that using condoms is a mutually beneficial action to take.

Go to do a STD test – once both of you are tested, you can relax, if both you and your sugar partner do not have sex with other people. Some sugar daddies can't use condoms because when they put on the condom, they can't maintain the erection anymore. In this case, you just need to get tested first.

Vaccination. Using vaccines is a very safe and recommended way to prevent HPV and hepatitis! There are HPV vaccines available both for men and women, and they are effective when it comes to protecting you against some of the most common types of HPV. Doctors recommend that people should get all 3 shots before becoming sexually active, but in fact, you can get all three doses now (it's not too late). If you were not vaccinated when you were a lot younger, you should get vaccinated for hepatitis B as well.

Now you are aware of the precautions, so it's time to take some action and protect yourself from STDs. This will surely make your sugar relationship sweeter.