How to Be a Sugar Baby

How to Be Sugar BabyBeing a sugar baby involves living up to one side of a sugar equation wherein the other side is that of a sugar daddy. The equation puts together the needs of a sugar daddy for companionship and intimacy to complement his lack of it in the traditional home and family environment, and finding its equivalent in the needs of a sugar baby for steady guaranteed financial support of her higher schooling and other personal needs. To be a sugar baby thus means rendering an equivalent caring and pampering service to a sugar daddy in exchange for his financial support.

There are a few things that a sugar baby must bear in mind if she wants to keep a sugar relationship longer.

  • 1. Intimacy and companionship need to be authentic. These two qualities are emotionally-laden traits and cannot be faked. It is important that in the preliminary discussion between the parties, expectations from each other have to be spelled out so that there will be no surprises when the agreement begins. The sugar baby has to define the extent of what she can do relative to these demands. It does not follow that sex is automatically ensuing every time they meet. They can agree on the parameters or conditions when such things may be possible.
  • 2. Transparency is the key to sugar success. As early as the preliminaries, the sugar baby has to be truthful and candid about what she wants to achieve in the arrangement. The aim is to stimulate the discussion towards both parties bringing out to the open their real intentions in seeking out a sugar partner. The sugar baby has to let the sugar daddy know that she wants to get up to the sweet life and looks at the sugar daddy as her possible business mentor to achieve that dream.
  • 3. Understanding her sugar baby limitations. A sugar baby knows and understands that she is not the key person in the sugar daddy's life. She must therefore behave in such a manner that this discretion is recognized and observed at all times in deference to her sugar daddy. But while she is held back by these limitations, nothing prevents the sugar baby from creatively seeking out ways she can make her sugar daddy's life more interesting and fun. One such way is to be familiar with the likes and dislikes of her sugar daddy and be knowledgeable about these areas to the point that their likes and dislikes become common.

In sum, a sugar relationship can be as successful and lasting only to the point of the parties' willingness to give it their best shot. After all, in the dynamics of giving and receiving, we have all seen the truth behind the saying that if we give more than what we receive, we shall soon receive more than what we give.