How to Be a Sugar Daddy

How to Be Sugar DaddyIn any how-to arrangement, there will always be rules to follow to achieve the results you want. That statement is never truer than in a sugar relationship where a sugar daddy makes a financial commitment to a sugar partner to support her personal needs in exchange for the companionship and intimacy the sugar daddy derives in return.

Though it is said that rules are meant to be broken, living up to your role as a sugar daddy in providing for the needs of your baby will work much to your advantage and is strongly recommended. Playing the role well will not only ensure you get the attention and caring you expect, you also can assume that the kind of service you receive from the baby of your fancy or fantasy can be as authentic as if it happened spontaneously.

Here are some fine rules to follow:

  • 1. Live up to the Terms of your Agreement. Your sugar relationship is anchored on a mutually agreed upon terms of agreement that you defined during your preliminaries. A sugar agreement is usually bound by an equality of expectations from one to the other, and both parties know that they are receiving the equivalent of their share. It is wise to be ahead in compliance, because it puts the other party to compete with responding with much more than is expected. The benefit is a result of some reversed psychology in giving than in receiving.
  • 2. Stay fully loaded. This rule is deemed more as a personal pre-qualification than a contract term. The fact that you are giving your conformity to a substantial financial commitment to your baby means that you have the financial backing of a source, such as a business or a lucrative professional practice or a huge pension fund. You need to ensure that this source is not depleted and has a replenishing character to ensure the continuity of your arrangement.
  • 3. Accord time and respect to your sugar baby. You are the senior partner in a personal-business relationship. You are expected to be the lead party in making the relationship achieve whatever goals you both have defined. The greatest form of respect you can accord to your baby is the allocation of time for her that she may feel her importance to your life, not because of your arrangement but because you honor her as a person.

Let us accept it, the success of your arrangement is not measured solely by your release of her monthly allowance and your acceding to her every bidding. The success is measured by the totality of what you are willing to do for her and are actually doing. When this happens, she will take the cue to do the same, and imagine what that can do to your sugar arrangement!