What if Your Sugar Daddy is Older Than Your Dad

Oftentimes, you may meet sugar daddies who are much older than you, and some of them are even older than your dad. In this article, I'm going to discuss what you need to understand if you are going to date a sugar daddy who is as old as your dad (or even older than your dad).


  • Older sugar daddies are usually more generous. Most of the time, an older sugar daddy has more wealth, so spoiling you with gifts and allowance isn't really a big deal for him. That's why he is more likely to be very generous. Also, an older sugar daddy has more insecurities such as his age and his lack of attractiveness (maybe he is bald or fat), so in order to increase his value in your eyes, he is often willing to give you more allowance - remember the principle of reciprocity, i.e. value exchange (when he doesn't have enough physical value to offer you, he will automatically add more value by giving you more gifts/allowance).
  • Older sugar daddies are often married. A successful older man can't really be single, because he never lacks the opportunity to meet beautiful women. As a result, chances are your older sugar daddy is a married man. That means you probably have to understand his family dynamics early on, e.g. whether his wife cares or not (some rich men's wives don't live with them anyway because these women are always overseas; some rich men's wives have affairs, too), whether his adult children may get involved in his life, etc. After assessing his situation, you will be able to make a wise decision for yourself, so that you can maximize your benefits and minimize your risk.
  • Older sugar daddies have completely different interests. When you want to see the latest movie, he may want to see an opera. When you want to go to the nightclub at 10pm, he may want to fall asleep. So whenever things like that arise, you need to ask yourself, “What do I really want?” In other words, don't get annoyed or frustrated when your sugar daddy can't share the same interests with you – you just need to remember what you really want. As long as your sugar daddy can give you what you want, you should be okay with it. That's just part and parcel of a sugar daddy arrangement! So my suggestion is: you'd better accommodate your sugar daddy's interests; meanwhile, let him know that you are catering for his needs, so he will understand that he should give you more benefits as a reward.

Therefore, it can be seen that dating older sugar daddies may have a range of benefits that younger sugar daddies can't offer. Yet you would be well-advised to evaluate the pros and cons before you start a sugar relationship with an older sugar daddy.