Five Biggest Mistakes Made by Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddy TipsAlthough sugar relationships are sweet, sugar daddies tend to make a series of mistakes. In order to help sugar daddies avoid these common mistakes, we have made a list here as support.

1. Not trying to have sex with the sugar baby early on.

Many sugar daddies set up terms and conditions with their sugar babies before having sex with them! This is a huge mistake, because if having sex with sugar babies is a big part of the relationship, not trying it first is a big risk - you never really know whether she can sexually satisfy you or not without trying it first!

2. Not setting up terms and conditions early on.

The beginning stage of any relationship is the most crucial stage, because all parameters are set here! If your sugar baby doesn't talk about allowance early on, that's usually because she doesn't know how to talk about it (it doesn't mean she is not looking forward to allowance)! You both know why you start a sugar relationship, so make sure these terms and conditions are established early. Otherwise, your relationship with the sugar baby may end up like a traditional relationship which is full of drama and games!

3. Not asking "Do you need anything" often enough.

In a sugar relationship, the sugar daddy should regularly ask his sugar baby, "Do you need anything?" Otherwise, in the long term, you will have no sugar baby in your arms! Sugar babies expect you to help her in various ways, e.g. her tuition fee, her closet, her car, etc. So you need to clarify this regularly.

4. Not telling sugar baby what exactly you expect from her.

Sugar babies can't read your mind! If you want certain things to happen in the bedroom, you need to tell her. If you only want her time and company but don't really expect her to have sex with you, you should tell her too. These are very important elements in a sugar relationship.

5. Introduce her to your friends and family and let them know she is your sugar baby at the same time.

Of course, sugar babies may expect you to help her with her career, so you will need to introduce her to your connections and network. But your connections don't need to know she is your sugar baby. This mistake is not a major one (it only ranks No. 5) because if you are a very powerful man, probably it's okay to tell everyone she is your sugar baby as you are proud of this gorgeous young woman!