Why More and More Models Subscribe to Sugar Daddy Websites

Sugar Baby ModelAn often asked question amongst many social science researchers is: just why are there more and more models subscribing to sugar daddy websites?

According to a recent study, a very high percentage of young fashion or photographic female models join sugar daddy sites to look for a sugar daddy. Of course, there are other women such as students or recently graduated young women starting out on their career, but models signing up to sugar daddy websites seem to have the highest profile or bring greater attention.

In reality, the answer to the headline question can be summarised quite neatly as mainly relating to supply and demand.

On the supply side:

  • Modelling, despite the glamour, is a tough competitive business; assignments can be infrequent and, for a young newcomer, not so well paid. A way out of this is for models to turn to a sugar daddy site to find someone such as a sugar daddy who can provide benefits such as monthly rental payments or a clothing allowance or maybe pay for a new car for the young, attractive woman.
  • Clearly, being a model means that the young woman in question is likely to have a good figure, be attractive and photogenic. If she has such attributes and, by joining a sugar daddy site, she can find a sugar daddy willing and able to help her get established in her modelling career, or at least enable her to enjoy the finer things in life whilst she is not yet earning big money, why not?

On the demand side:

  • Show me a man, any man, and especially a sugar daddy, who is not attracted to a beautiful young woman - particularly if she is a fashion or photographic model; in short, sugar daddies love beautiful women and will happily spend time searching sugar daddy sites looking for them.
  • A sugar daddy, almost by definition, is likely to be a man in his late 40s, or maybe early-mid 50s; he will be wealthy and, possibly, in a position of power in business or society. He will want a young woman who can travel with him and be seen at his side at functions and events - and, so, a young model presenting herself well on a sugar daddy site is ideal for such a sugar daddy.

So, if you stop think about it for a few minutes, sugar daddy websites are definitely a plus to help models and sugar daddies find each other. Indeed, the two parties are a natural fit: the young woman is beautiful and glamorous and the sugar daddy is willing to pay (rent, clothes etc) for the privilege of being with her… you can say it's a win-win situation!