Why are There so Many Sugar Daddies in Australia

sugar daddy australiaAccording to a recent survey, it is estimated that there are some 2.5 million sugar daddies worldwide, with over 80,000 in Australia alone - a very high figure given the country's relatively small population base.

But why are there so many sugar daddies in the country and what type of person is catering to this demand?

Certainly one of the most visible types of sugar babies involved with sugar daddy Australia are students undertaking their tertiary education. Typically, for thousands of such students, the reality is that they are likely to suffer from the accumulated debt of tuition fees, relatively expensive accommodation and general living expenses of being a student when attending university - even if they are from upper-middle and high-income families.

So, rather than take other drastic measures to get rid of their university debt, many young attractive students turn to sugar daddies (or in some cases sugar mummies for the male of the species), namely wealthy benefactors, to help them get through University. Online sugar daddy/sugar baby dating sites have been set up and specialise in facilitating such liaisons helping sugar daddies find sugar babies and have brought greater awareness of this type of compensated dating. Some see sugar daddy dating as a lifestyle movement and realise that it can lead to other related opportunities for those students keen to participate.

The usual profile of a sugar daddy being a wealthy man with an expendable income, and generous in that they're willing to provide a certain lifestyle for the young woman they are taking care of. Clearly there is a great appeal to sugar babies who may otherwise struggle whilst in University if they can find a sugar daddy to help them maintain a certain lifestyle and support them until graduation at least.

In an annual ranking of the fastest growing educational establishments in Australia where most sugar babies were prepared to look for a sugar daddy, The University of Sydney took first place with the greatest number of sign-ups in 2015, and a total of 300 students registered altogether (sugar babies are required to register with their university emails addresses but they receive free premium membership and this, in turn, entices sugar daddies to find them).

At the end of the day sugar daddy dating is dating like any other form of establishing relationships, but with one of the key differences being that both sugar daddies and sugar babies are more honest with their expectations. Not surprisingly, therefore, that the popularity of such dating in Australia is expected to continue to grow as greater awareness of the phenomenon increases.