The World's Top 10 Celebrity Sugar Daddies

This shouldn't surprise you, but there are many celebrities who happen to be sugar daddies! In this article, you will learn who they are and how their sugar relationships work. If you are wondering how to be a sugar daddy, this article is totally for you!

Hugh Hefner

1. Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner is the world's most famous sugar daddy because he is the publisher of Playboy. He is over 90 years old and still lives a playboy's lifestyle. He has a Playboy Mansion and has moved many young women into it. He dated as many as seven sugar babies at the same time. His sugar babies include a lot of famous women such as models and singers. His third wife is 60 years younger than him.

2. William Randolph Hearst

Media mongrel William Randolph Hearst's sugar baby was Marion Davies who was 35 years younger than him. They lived openly in California and this affair dominated William's life.

3. Tiki Barber

Tiki Barber is a famous footballer. He dumped his wife who was pregnant at that time because he started dating his sugar baby Traci Lynn Johnson who was only 23 years old then. He met Traci when they were filming The Today Show.

4. Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger is a British singer (Rolling Stones). He has eight children with five different women - some of these women are his sugar babies. He was only married once and divorced once.

5. Woody Allen

Woody Allen married his and ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. Unbelievable.

6. Bill Clinton

Of course you've heard of Monica Lewinsky, but have you heard of Gennifer Flowers? In fact, Bill Clinton admitted that he had a sexual encounter with Gennifer Flowers. Apart from that, there are also rumors regarding his other sexual encounters with younger women.

7. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan likes partying with blondes who look young enough to be his sons' classmates. Now he is living with 30-year-old Yvette Prieto.

8. Jay-Z

Jay-Z's wife Beyonce is significantly younger than him. Well, Jay-Z only dates much younger girls!

9. Jim Carrey

Throughout his entire career, Jim Carrey has been linked with sexy young women, and the older he's become, the younger his girlfriends have become! Now he is 54 years old and his girlfriend is 23.

10. John F. Kennedy

This is the world's most famous sugar daddy. John F. Kennedy is the ultimate sugar daddy in the United States. He was romantically linked to Marilyn Monroe for many years. In fact, he had affairs with Inga Arvad, Gene Tierney, Gunilla von Post, Judith Campbell, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Marlene Dietrich, Mimi Alford and Pamela Turnure.

What we can learn from the above-mentioned examples:

  • Sugar daddies are everywhere. They don't have to be the lawyers, doctors and CEOs in your town. Some rich men are politicians, pop singers and movie stars, and they can also be sugar daddies. That means if you are a sugar baby, you should aim high while looking for a sugar daddy. And if you are a sugar daddy, you shouldn't allow your title to stop you from making fantasies come true.
  • Once you have fame, you'll be surrounded by opportunities. If you are a wealthy man, you may need more fame, so that more hot women will know who you are and you'll have more opportunities to get younger women. If you are an ambitious woman, you should totally meet more famous men because they have more audacity to become your sugar daddies.
  • When money is combined with power, there is no limit. We all know that money, power and sex are human nature. Once a man has got both money and power, sex is inevitable!

From this article, we have analyzed top 10 celebrity sugar daddies in the world and have summarized the lessons from them. Hopefully you have got a lot out of it!