What Your Sugar Daddy Wants From You

Sugar DaddyYou don't need a million-dollar figure to attract rich, successful men, but you certainly need to show some of that X factor to get their attention. While you must look beautiful and have a good body, there are many other things too that are equally important. One of them is giving your sugar daddy what he wants. Most sugar daddies take good care of their babies, lavishing them with gifts and other things, but will not stick with someone who fails to give them good company in return.

If you are looking for a sugar daddy, you must have the following 5 qualities:

  • Be pretty and witty: There are thousands of beautiful women out there wanting a sugar daddy, but not all of them will bag one. In addition to looking pretty, you must also be witty and interesting. Otherwise, your sugar daddy will quickly lose interest in you.
  • Enjoy Sex: While a sugar daddy relationship is not all about sex, it is an important part of the relationship. Sugar daddies are looking for pretty, witty girls who enjoy sex and are not inhibited. Are you like that? If yes, you'll have much better chance on finding a great sugar daddy on the various sugar daddy sites on the Internet.
  • Not hungry for money: Sugar daddies are rich men, who take good care of their babies. However, sugar daddies don't like girls who are only after their money. While experts recommend that you discuss money matters beforehand, but once that is done, you should not again bring up this topic. Real sugar daddies are genuinely rich, sophisticated men who know how to keep a girl happy. If you hanker about money or presents, your sugar daddy will leave you before you could say "wait, I'm sorry".
  • Don't be a drama queen: A sugar daddy relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship between two adults. So, emotions should always be kept in check. Sugar daddies are looking for a relationship which is stress free and fun. Having a good time is their top priority, not being around someone who is an emotional freak.
  • Stay cautious: While there's no official figure on this, most experts believe for every genuine sugar daddy there is one fake sugar daddy, someone who's looking for a freebie. You must be smart enough to see who's genuine and who's not. Each time you search for a sugar daddy, ensure that the person has been verified and certified by that sugar daddy site.