Where Can I Find My Sugar Daddy

Find My Sugar DaddyLooking for a sugar daddy? After all, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Being in a relationship with a sugar daddy is often misinterpreted and likened to that of an escort, but hey, let me tell you it is not like that at all. Being a sugar baby, I like to have fun, revel in luxury (who wouldn't?), enjoy an affluent lifestyle and want to be in the company of a mature, older guy – can you say consenting adults?

Here are some locations that will be helpful in your quest:

Hotel lobby bars

Try a plush 5-star lounge or bar on Fridays. There are lots of men sipping on a strong, neat scotch after a tough week, so order a martini, and strike up a conversation. Wear something sexy, but not too OTT, with a hint of bling in your makeup. Just go with the flow, exchange numbers at the end of night, and set up a second date! If all goes well, you might be invited to his place for nightcap.

Polo matches

Owning and maintaining horses costs a fortune, and people associated with these matches are usually loaded. No wonder polo is known as the sport of kings! Read up about the sport before going for a match as you shouldn't come across as empty-headed – it sends the wrong signals.

Charity shows

Who can afford to donate thousands of dollars to a worthy cause? Someone who is extremely wealthy and has a generous disposition – in other words, the two main qualities I look for in a sugar daddy. Cultural organizations are always putting on benefits, galas, and fundraisers – it is not too difficult to get invited to those. Auctions that donate proceeds to charity are also a good idea as you can see the men placing high bids, and proceed accordingly. Yet another way to get noticed is to volunteer at a charity event like a blood or clothing drive because wealthy, successful men often frequent such occasions.

Sugar daddy websites

I wouldn't call this a shortcut or the easy way out – I will simply list it as a convenient option if attending functions and events are not your cup of tea. There are numerous websites that can help you locate a sugar daddy as per the arrangement you want. Single, married, or divorced – you have to state your requirements and the search results will pop up on your screen.

There are several hobbies you can undertake for this purpose such as golf, sailing, tennis, squash – typical high-end sports that attract men with sizeable incomes. Good luck – I am sure you will succeed very soon!