Sugar Daddy Definition - What is a Sugar Daddy

What is a Sugar Daddy?

A sugar daddy typifies a highly successful guy, usually married, probably a high caliber professional or businessman who is past his 40 but is energetic and smart enough to run a string of wealth generating endeavours to support an off-family interest such as a young lovely and lovable college muse. Of course, such interest comes beyond a passing fancy. It filters down to a sweet arrangement where he agrees to assume certain financial commitments to her object of fantasy who agrees to provide personal services such as intimacy and companionship in exchange for his financial support.

What is a Sugar Baby?

A sugar baby typifies an ambitious, young, pretty, lovely and lovable young woman, probably in her late teens or early twentys, who might be in senior high school or in junior college but experiencing some financial difficulties in completing her college degree. This girl is ambitious enough to dream or aim to experience the sweet life. She sees sugar relationships as equitable arrangement avenues for exchanging personal services for professional value like it were a business deal. Her charm and caring are her primary exchange assets and she can go straight business or be a love-struck business partner, whichever she chooses to be.

How to Be a Sugar Daddy?

How to Be Sugar DaddyIn any how-to arrangement, there will always be rules to follow to achieve the results you want. That statement is never truer than in a sugar relationship where a sugar daddy makes a financial commitment to a sugar partner to support her personal needs in exchange for the companionship and intimacy the sugar daddy derives in return. Read More »

How to Be a Sugar Baby?

How to Be Sugar BabyBeing a sugar baby involves living up to one side of a sugar equation wherein the other side is that of a sugar daddy. The equation puts together the needs of a sugar daddy for companionship and intimacy to complement his lack of it in the traditional home and family environment, and finding its equivalent in the needs of a sugar baby for steady guaranteed financial support of her higher schooling and other personal needs. Read More »